Thursday, November 15, 2012

What else do you consider gifts, Romney and Republicans?

So Mitt Romney considers things like health care, which may keep you or your children alive, and relief from often crushing and inescapable college loan debt, gifts.

Is there anything that the government does that they don't consider gifts for moochers?

The government provides free schooling for all children from the ages of five to eighteen. Is this a gift for moochers that Mitt and his fellow Republicans would like to see eliminated – you want your child to be educated, you pay for it? We've already dropped behind most advanced countries in the education of our population; why not just go straight to the bottom. You gotta eliminate those gifts to the takers. Hey, it's not like the long term wealth, health, and strength of a country depend on how educated it's population is.

What about aid to make a high quality college education affordable for the majority? Is that a gift for the takers we should completely eliminate? We've already dropped to 16th in college educated citizens after a generation of Republican dominance. How stupid do Mitt and the Republicans want us to be?

What about free public roads and infrastructure and vaccinations and fire protection? Gifts for the takers that should be eliminated? We should have only toll roads and private roads? Put out the fire yourself; it won't spread to the gated compounds of the rich, and neither will your diseases?

How much should we Hondurusize the country, Republicans, to eliminate all of the gifts?


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