Friday, July 4, 2008

Especially on the Fourth of July, let's really think about choosing the candidates who would actually do the most good.

I hope the public learns from this. We've got to stop being so superficial in how we choose our elected officials, and start choosing them based on how much good they'll actually do for our families, the country, and the world, and that means their stands on issues, their policies. After superficiality in voting got us W. -- choosing a president based on who's more fun to have a beer with?? -- there has been a lot of learning, but unfortunately not enough. Many hard core progressives chose Obama over Hillary, even though she had a true Universal health care plan and Obama didn't, and was more progressive on almost every issue. Some chose Obama because they thought he was more electable (which is debatable), but others, unfortunately, chose him for his persona, or put great weight on reasons other than who would actually do the most good, in this extremely important election.

Nonetheless, Obama is obviously immensely better than McCain, and still a good candidate.

Especially on the Fourth of July, let's think about voting for the candidate who will do the most good, rather than the one who has the best persona, or who we think has the best character. I know many people who have great character, but I wouldn't trust them for a second to manage my family's life savings, because they understand little about finance and economics. I know others whose character is beyond reproach, but I would never trust them with the decision of whether to send my son off to war.

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